caravan stone deflectorCaravan Stone Deflector is essential for all caravans as you need something to help protect your caravan from the elements, especially as there is nothing worse than spending all your hard earned money on a caravaning holiday and then having it rained on. There is no point in packing up and leaving your caravan in one of those static caravans that is in constant disrepair if you want it to be used again in the near future, not only will the inside look very untidy but if it gets dirty it may not even be worth travelling on. It’s not worth risking the lives of your possessions. That’s why having a Caravan Stone Deflector installed on both sides of your caravan is essential.

What Is Caravan Stone Deflector And How Does It Work?

A caravan stone deflector basically consists of two things; the first is the brush that is the most important part as without it the deflector will not work, the other part is the mud flaps that protect your caravan from the elements. The brush comes in two forms; Brush guards and Mud flaps. The brush guards are designed to be attached to the side of your caravan whilst the mud flaps are designed to be attached to your exhaust pipe. Most deflectors will also have an attachment to the exhaust pipe allowing you to carry the stone guard out of the caravan and into the local area where you are going to be using the caravan. This is very handy as if you do get to your campsite and decide you don’t want the stone guard you can simply remove it and leave it behind.

One thing I always check when I am planning to buy something for my Caravan is whether or not it comes with a caravan stone deflector, it’s quite a safety consideration as the brush trim is attached to your exhaust pipe which is directly above your head, if it does not come with this then it will prevent gravels and other small stones being thrown up at you from under your car, allowing you to drive freely without having to worry about rocks rolling under your feet. Another item that is very useful is the “Carpet Rock Bumpers” which prevents the front of your caravan from being scratched, dented or damaged by bumps and thuds. They are a little more expensive then the regular bumpers but are definitely worth getting. In summary the caravan stone deflector is a very useful product which protects your caravan accessories from damage.

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