Located on the outskirts of Goa, just a few kilometers from the city of Panaji, Cowra Motels is perhaps one of the most popular motels in Goa and this is probably why most visitors come here. With over a hundred rooms, all of them equipped with a pool and a Jacuzzi, this hotel provides for a comfortable stay for travelers. They have also extended the range of amenities offered in their hotels, and while they don’t offer any on-site restaurants or bars, you can easily find a good restaurant at nearby Panaji.


The other major brand in this region is the Leela Hotel, which has twenty-one rooms in various hotels and resorts. While most of these hotels charge you according to the season (from January till March), some of them offer special discounts during off-season. These hotels provide easy access to Panaji, the capital of Goa, as well as to the surrounding cities and towns.


These budget hotels in Goa are located all around the city, and tourists can easily choose one depending on their preferences. The tariffs are usually lower than the rates of the luxury hotels, which is probably one of the main reasons why travelers prefer them so much. Even if the budget hotels charge a bit more than the luxury ones, at least they provide excellent services.

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