tree report

A tree report is a visual examination of a tree that will ascertain its health condition and what can be done to make it more healthy. The first step is for a tree service provider to find out a general report of conditions of the tree including how often the tree is planted, how old it is, type of environment where it is planted, what are the root problems, types of insect infestations and what is the liability of the tree. This will enable the tree service provider to know what to do with the tree. Sometimes, there might not be much that can be done for a tree other than to just deadhead it and dispose of it properly.


A tree report is a specialized inspection of a tree that can be prepared by an independent service provider. A good report must contain information regarding the condition of the tree with special reference to the canopy, decay resistance, vigor, root structure, branch health, winter hardiness and susceptibility to pests and the like. The report must also contain information regarding the species of the tree. Information regarding what kind of treatment the tree requires may be also required and if so, what would be the costs involved. If the report is prepared by an independent service provider, he/she would be able to prepare a more detailed report. A detailed report can include the examination of a tree’s social structure, soil biology and climate.


It is not only possible to prepare a tree report on your own but hiring a tree service provider is also much cheaper than going to a rheologist. A tree report can range from three parts: the physical examination, the chemical analysis and the review of the report. At the end of the process, you can expect to receive a tree report that gives you a detailed insight of the health condition of your tree. This will help you understand whether it is necessary to have the tree removed, whether you should keep it or give it some time and what course of action should be taken next.

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